10 Ways to Connect With Your Users

Who’s your audience? It sounds like an easy question, but it’s not. Knowing your audience helps keep eyeballs on your site, website traffic up, and visitors eagerly returning to your site to consume your content, and buy your products.

But a lack of understanding leads to a potentially dangerous domino effect. If you don’t understand your audience, you won’t understand what content it wants, and without that knowledge, your site traffic will suffer.

Read on for 10 strategies to understand your website audience so that you can ultimately protect and grow your business:

1. Use an Analytics Tool

This point may seem elementary, but it’s not. Roughly one-third of all websites monitored by W3Techs don’t have analytics attached to their sites. And an even worse statistic — less than 30% of small businesses use analytics, according to a 2017 study by the U.S. Small Business Administration. That’s an audience killer.

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