Five Useful Tips From Experts in Writing Blogs

More and more people are putting up blog posts every day.

2 million blog posts are written daily which is why it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd.

As a blogger, you are not just competing with other blogs out there but new websites as well.

According to Netcraft, there are around 1.8 billion websites around the world.

In the most popular blogging platform on the planet known as WordPress, there are 75 million websites and blogs combined.

There are other platforms like Tumblr (350 million blogs) and who have several millions of bloggers on their platforms that are churning out articles and posts. shows that the number of blogs on Tumblr increased by 25 million blogs every 6 months.

The emergence of WordPress has changed the blogging world by offering a platform that is free, user-friendly and easy to implement.

– Websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages

– 76% of online experts say they plan to add more content in the coming years

– has more than 46 million unique visitors per month

– 45% of online marketers say that blogging is an essential part of their marketing strategy

These numbers may be overwhelming for the average blogger but this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your passion to write and publish a blog.

You should focus and try to dominate your chosen niche.

We share with you five useful tips from experts in writing blogs.

Be Concise

Blogs are usually written in an easy to read and conversational tone. Avoid using terms and words that are complex for the average reader to understand.

Concise writing is lean, readers can finish the article in a few minutes with little effort. Here are three tips you can apply to enhance your writing:

  • Avoid linking verb phrases that make your writing passive. For example, instead of “was writing” use “wrote” which sounds more forceful.
  • Change prepositional phrases like “The decision of the team,” to “The team’s decision.” These phrases make sentences longer and harder to follow.
  • When a noun ends in “tion,” change it to a verb. For example, change “in the creation” to “to create,” which makes the sentence sound cleaner.

Clear sentences should convey information in a simple way. Writers tend to focus on sounding smart to impress readers, but this defeats the purpose of making them understand you better.

Complex sentences confuse readers, you should keep in mind that they don’t care about your writing prowess, they only want to look for solutions to their problems.

The Hemingway App is a tool that you can use to see whether your writing is bold and clear.

Appeal to the Senses

Fiction writers can make their audience feel the stories that they write. They are good in transporting their readers into the story like they were really there.

Use vivid details that appeal to your reader’s senses, paint pictures with your words.

Business writing is different from fiction, but you can still harness the power of sensory language in your content.

Let your readers see, hear, touch, smell or taste your ideas so that they will get hooked on your content.

Be Consistent

It is easier to lose your traffic than to attract them. Bloggers forget that they need to be consistent with their posting.

For newbies, posting once a week would be a good way to start, but if you can post daily, then that is the best frequency for blogging.

A Hubspot study showed that blogging consistently leads to higher subscriber growth rates. Businesses that publish entries on a regular basis added subscribers twice as quickly compared to those who added content only once a month.

Give Free Content

Research has shown that those who add a giveaway contest led to 125% more email subscribers.

People love getting prizes and free stuff, make sure that what you give away has value and would be appreciated by your audience.

Add CTAs

Many bloggers forget to add a Call to Action on their posts.

Give your readers a chance to signup to your email list or follow you on Twitter.

Bloggers who added these CTAs had an increase of 335% in Twitter followers in 7 days.

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