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ICO Host is the first choice of the ICO junkies. They prioritize accurate unbiased opinions about new ICO’s. They are dependant on providing up to date information for possible investors who rely upon them for valuable insights and current information and they openly profess that they will not compromise on their quality at any cost. They are adherent to every principle that investors expect from an un-affiliated source.

They are devoted to going into the deepest recesses of the ICO market and finding even the smallest of projects which most of the mainstream ICO publishers don’t bother even acknowledging. ICO Junky put their users before anything else and work better and more efficient than any most other websites in the sector because of the dedication and loyalty of the staff. They are the masters of ICO and will never miss a single thing which takes place in this ICO marketplace Worldwide.


Second movers are growing much faster and doing something more interesting.

Rather than a mere currency–which is largely used for speculation–these so-called “crypto-assets” intertwine businesses and tokens. The fuel here is something called Ethereum (whose currency is Ether). Like Bitcoin, it’s based on blockchain technology, essentially a secure, decentralized, constantly updated ledger system. But while Bitcoin allows you to transact only in Bitcoin, the Ethereum network allows for software programs. In other words, Ethereum-based currencies can actually do things.


ICO pioneers have certainly unlocked a better way to raise money and create a network effect. Why grovel before Silicon Valley venture capitalists or deal with federal regulators in the public markets when you can attach a token to your idea and have speculators throw money at it and then bid it up?

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