Keys to a successful web designing

Of course, it would depend on when you did your web design. If it were in the 20th century, the criteria for success would be different from the web design being made today. Today we are about in the first quarter of the 21st century, and the vast leaps in computer and software technology from 1998 makes a lot of difference in judging what successful web design is.

Now web designing is ever more challenging to judge regarding success if the definition of success is in technical design terms alone. The proliferation of site builders or platforms that take care of all computing tasks including the software and apps used can give the web designer a lot of options in making a creative design.

Among these building sites are,, Wix, BoldGrid, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, and iPage Website Builder to name a few. Perhaps a successful web designing can be judged by the competitive advantage one site has over another, and the rest depends on the creativity of the web designer.

We can name a few of the criteria or keys to a successful web designing based on standard indicators.

First, a successful web designing leads to a naturally attractive following that attracts viewers and visitors to the site. The number of hits a site is visited or volume of traffic created determines the rate of success. The higher the number of visitors or traffic to the site, the more successful the website becomes.

Second, a successful web designing optimizes the response capacity of the site through the built-in features like control over the site, functional buttons and plugins. Can the web designing allow for the creation of multilingual sites? If yes, then the response capacity is optimized. Will the site owner or user find it easy to control his or her own website? A successful design will allow this to happen.

Third, a successful web designing allows the integration of hosting, domain name and a branded email address on the domain, and enables to sell products online by automatically creating a payment account to receive payment from customers, such as a new Paypal account linked to the branded email address.

Fourth, a successful web designing can utilize numerous website design templates taken from the site builder’s library, as well as a large stock of plugins to make the site truly functional and useful. The web designer must be able to express his creativity in templates and plugins in such a way that the marketing and communication goals of the client or site owner are maximized and creatively displayed.

Fifth, a successful web designing can build an attractive, creative and functional eCommerce store and attract buyers from different countries, backgrounds, and ages. The design goal, in effect, challenges the designer to optimize his or her creativity so that clients are drawn to the website at all times.

Sixth, a successful web designing can allow the user to quickly change the layouts, navigation menus, colors and fonts to maximize the creative ability not only of the designer but the user himself. The capacity to create a staging website to test the new design, layout, color, and plugins before the site is set live on the internet can be judged as success.

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