The reason you should use video marketing in your business

The first reason is that based on an increasing number of studies worldwide, video content is becoming the most acceptable format of conveying meaningful messages. HubSpot Research asked a number of respondents in their survey the question what type of material do they want to see in a brand or business that they support.

About 54% said they want to see videos, 46% wanted emails and newsletters, some 41% confirmed social images, 34% looked for social videos, 18% said they wanted to see blog articles, some 17% acknowledged in PDF form, and a small 2% referred to other types.

A second reason is that most companies and businesses don’t have the experience, talent, equipment and organization to undertake a challenging work of producing a video marketing project for their product(s) or service(s) and need an external outfit to assume the crucial task. The need is global.

Video information, since it combines a moving image, audio data and even the alphanumeric form seems to retain its image impact. Survey respondents were asked what type of content posted by a company was the most memorable to them. The answers from the total respondents were 43% for branded video content, 36% for branded photo content, 18% for branded written content, and 3% for branded audio content.

The third reason is that advancing technology has made possible the proliferation of platforms where the video content can be shown with least cost, aside from the standard advertising flicks shown on television networks. These popular platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo to name a few.

Fourth is that video marketing can be an extended part of a business or company website and embedded into the site. Through Hybrid Traffic’s Social Signal Share Service video marketing content can be distributed to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Delicious and Reddit to generate more traffic.

The effectiveness of video marketing content can be increased by attracting quality backlinks to a website using current tools like the Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer, and the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool are standard methods. About 5,000 additional backlinks can be retrieved from 1,270 referring domains. Search Engine Optimization and Link Building can increase the credibility of video marketing content. It is becoming the best way for companies to rank at the top of search engine results that enables digital marketing and video marketing to be combined efficiently.

The website can create and embed different types of video content to enhance website quality and enable the operation of digital marketing and video marketing. These include demo videos, brand videos, event videos, expert interviews, how-to or DIY videos, explainers, animated videos, case studies and customer testimonials, live videos, 360-degree and VR videos, augmented reality videos and personalized messages.

Video marketing allows a business or company to reach its sales target goal in a shorter period which is one significant benefit of video marketing. This is attained by a simultaneous “attack” on various modes and platforms that maximize the product exposure within less time. Reaching a company’s sales quota through a well-planned video marketing dissemination is realizable.

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